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The week was like “ugh”. Just ponies help me to relax.

Pretty cute Rarity was found by me on the internet not so long ago. I wish to have such girlfriend.

Yes, I’m fascinated by unformal girls.

Next day.

Maybe the real reason of blogging is a wish of meeting new friends? With similar tastes and lifestyles? Maybe it’s also some complexes of loneliness? But, of course, the biggest reason to have own blog is to share with other peoples some useful information.

Anyway, this day was successful. For example, I almost finished my project, which is very difficult to me…

Second, I’ve finally made my task for microprocessors for generating sounds with some frequency (God, it was haaard). So, I’ll leave it here, if some of u will need it.

.model small
.stack 100h

;Delay macro. It starts with macro and ends with endm
;It takes delay time
delay macro time
 local ext, iter
 push cx
 mov cx, time
 push cx
 mov cx,5000
 loop iter
 pop cx
 loop ext
 pop cx

.data                  ; data segment
tonelow dw 200 ; lower sound threshold
.code                 ; code segment
main:                 ; program entering point
 mov ax,@data ;
 mov ds,ax        ;
 mov ax,0          ;
;entering state word in command port (43h)

 mov al,0B6h
 out 43h,al
 in al,61h           ; insert port number 61h in al
 or al,3               ; initialise dynamic and give current to 61h port
 out 61h,al
 mov ax,tonelow
 out 42h,al         ; inserting lesser word of ax(al) in 42h port
 xchg al,ah        ; exchange al and ah
 out 42h,al         ; inserting older word of ax(ah) in 42h port
 delay 1000       ; delay for 1 second
    and al,2
    out 61h,al

 mov ax,4c00h  ; standart exit
 int 21h
end main           ; program ending

So, here it is. You can use it however you want.

It was a ruff day, but, still, it doesn’t ended already. I have time to watch ponies and to cook myself something.


To be honest, to have my own blog was a dream for almost 5 years. But I never had appropriate content for this and always worried, what will people think, when they’ll read my blog. I was always vulnerable person. It was always important, what will other think about me. But, from dreams to actions - I want to have my own blog and to have peoples, that will read it and, maybe, will like it.

So, you are really welcome here. Honestly.

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